Commercial and education


What happens when a screen gets cracked or the LCD display stops working?
Businesses and schools normally have 3 options available.

  • Deal directly with Apple, Samsung etc.
  • Use an Insurance Policy.
  • Visit a shop


When we decided to offer repairs for businesses and schools, we wanted to make things better. We know that people don’t have time to worry about getting iPads and devices fixed, or having to visit shops to drop them off.

So we offer the following to all local businesses and schools.

  • Exclusive discounts for business and schools on iPad repairs.
  • 12 month warranty on all parts and repairs.( subject to terms)
  • Free pickup and return delivery back to your business or school for all iPad.
  • Easier payment options. The business pays up to 30 days after they receive the device back..
  • We promise a FAST turnaround on all repairs.